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The Importance of User Interface Design

Good user interface (UI) design focuses on anticipating what users might need to do and ensuring that the interface has the necessary elements to facilitate those actions. Interface design is not art in the usual sense; it must be understandable and usable for the people interacting with it for it to be valuable.

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The ROI of Responsive Images

Responsive images are a way to serve up the best image to a particular device. Doing them correctly can add value to your business in the form of improved engagement, higher search engine rankings, and better productivity within your organization.

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Why Your Business Needs a Tech Advocate for Software Implementations

Software is a tool. And, like any tool, its effectiveness ultimately depends on the hands that wield it. Merely buying new software is not a magical solution that automatically eliminates all business problems. Involving a trusted technology advocate in software purchases can drastically increase the likelihood you will hit the nail on the head in terms of accomplishing your business goals through the use of software.

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Why is Website Accessibility Important?

Learn about website accessibility, its importance, and practical ways to ensure your site is accessible to everyone with this introductory guide.

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Absorbing Complexity

Tesler's Law is centered around the concept that every human-computer interaction (such as using a website) has an inherent amount of complexity that cannot be removed or hidden. That remaining complexity must be absorbed by someone, either the person who made the website or the person using the website. At a certain point, things cannot get any simpler, and the remaining complexities involved must fall on someone to deal with.