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What we do

Our job is to make sure your digital presence and digital marketing efforts reflect and reinforce your brand, speak to your audience in meaningful and compelling ways, and produce the results you need it to.

The crew at Valitics has been our partner on all things digital since the days when Jitasa was just me in a 150 square foot office.

Since then, Valitics has created a lead generation system that sustains our sales efforts and has grown Jitasa to over 1,500+ clients. We could not have done it without Valitics!”

Jeff Russell

CEO, Jitasa

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Web Design & Development

We’ve been building websites of all shapes and sizes for clients since 2006. Our careers have been spent perfecting how we plan, design, build, and launch websites that achieve results for our clients.

Discovery & Planning

Understanding our clients’ expectations and goals requires a focused planning phase where we identify and define your goals, expectations, and project requirements.

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Wire-framing & Prototyping

Quick ideation and creation of layouts enables us to explore and identify solutions before the design and development phases.

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Web Design

Web design is not a endeavor just to “make it look good.” Web design has to function and solve problems for your organization and your users. Templates, design kits, and one-size-fits-all frameworks don’t cut it, so we don’t use them. All our websites are designed from scratch specifically for you. We also create assets for future use, so it can easily live, grow, and adapt over time.

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Web Development

Modern web development plays a critical role in all aspects of digital marketing. We have a structured process where responsiveness and mobile friendliness are paramount, and accessibility and performance best practices are always adhered to.

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Big-box website vendors will tell you making an online store is easy, but it takes expertise to manage an effective and efficient online store that delights customers and drives the bottom line for business.

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Design Systems

Design systems are a defined set of standards, patterns, and components that guide design decisions within an organization. Design systems are key to consistency and on-brand assets and messaging.

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Components & Patterns

Components and patterns are elements of your website and design system that are created up front in your website project. They are reusable and extensible layouts that make it simple, effective and efficient to create content that is compelling and on-brand.

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We would be delighted to discuss your project with you. We will present our ideas and offer an honest appraisal on how we can help.

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Web Applications

Valitics has been building bespoke web applications for clients for over a decade, so we are in a good position to enrich your site and make it more compelling for your users to interact with.

Some examples of one-off web applications we build for clients are:

  • Calculators
  • Store Locators
  • Custom Quote Forms
  • Quizzes
  • Trade Show Demos

Ready to chat?

If you have ideas for a new type of web application, get in touch. We’d be happy to meet and talk about how it can become a reality.

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Digital Campaigns

Driving qualified traffic that turns into results is a multi-faceted, ongoing effort that requires attention, insight, and frequent action. Valitics plans, sets up, manages, optimizes, and reports on digital campaigns for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Earning high search engine rankings takes frequent monitoring, analysis, and action to get the results our clients expect. So, every website we create is set up with an optimal SEO technical foundation and content that targets the right keywords in the right ways.

As an ongoing concern, we monitor rankings frequently and implement new content and tactics that positively impact SERP rankings.

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Content Marketing

Whether it’s videos, blog posts, infographics, or other materials, your brand needs to be creating content as an ongoing concern that helps your customers and lays the groundwork for an ongoing relationship with them.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Paid digital marketing campaigns (within search engines and on social media) is all about being consistent and compelling. Valitics creates, manages, and reports on PPC campaigns that total well over $1M a year for our clients, making sure that the targeting, messaging, landing pages, and metrics are all optimized and producing strong ROI for clients.

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Email Marketing

Think about all the places where you read emails. You can be anywhere! The access and attention that people will give the brands they trust is huge. Make sure your email marketing is welcome within your audiences’ homes.

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If you are looking to establish or enhance a results-based digital marketing plan, we can help.

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Consulting engagements are an effective way for organizations to tap into the breadth and depth of our insights and knowledge of all things digital.

During consulting engagements Valitics works closely with organizations to understand their historical challenges and what their goals are, and then present well-researched and actionable plans on how their digital efforts can be improved. We can engage in consulting engagements with organizations that have their own internal teams. Alternatively, if you need help putting recommendations in place after a consulting engagement, obviously Valitics is well prepared to assist in that situation as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

These types of engagements include technical SEO and website structure assessment, competitive analysis, linking analysis, keyword research, content audit, and a variety of other variables, along with structured and prioritized recommendations for improvement.

Website Usability

Website usability consulting engagements focus on how well your web presence is set up to receive traffic and turn it into results for your organization. These engagements include analyzing existing user trends, UX/UI considerations, accessibility aspects, calls to actions, and user funnels to identify areas of opportunity.

Website Performance Audits

Don’t ignore what can be out of sight online. Valitics performs exhaustive testing and analysis for websites on a variety of performance-centric parameters. The result of this analysis is a report that includes specific and prioritized recommendations on how to improve the speed and experience of your website for your users. The result will be happier users and positive movement within search engines.

Paid Marketing Audits

Valitics has been assessing and improving paid search campaigns and accounts for clients since the beginning of the company. Valitics’ paid marketing audits give our clients a clear picture of the state of their paid marketing effectiveness, and a roadmap for ongoing improvements.