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Hay is not for horses.
Standlee is.

Standlee Premium Products

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Horse people are a different breed. Standlee knows this because they are horse people at heart. Their products and brand reflect this truth.

Standlee Premium Products sells a wide variety of forage types across a wide range of product types for horses, livestock, small animals, and poultry. Valitics helps Standlee efficiently and effective communicate with their customers via the website, along with email marketing, PPC advertising, and with SEO services.

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Clear and simple visuals and design help customers find what they are looking for.

Customers trust the Standlee website to deliver them the information they need to make informed nutrition decisions for their animals, including horses, livestock, small animals, or poultry. We use top notch lifestyle images, packaging shots, and an easy-to-understand navigation to help users find what they need without fuss.

New Packaging Interactive Tool

When Standlee recently redesigned their packaging, they wanted to show it off. Valitics spearheaded an interactive tool to highlight the packaging changes and the key benefits that the new packaging offers to customers. This tool was originally created and optimized for iPads for use at trade shows, but Standlee liked it so much they asked us to convert it for use on the website, which we were happy to do.

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Ecommerce when you need it, without the gotchas.

In addition to thousands of retail locations that sell Standlee products, you can also buy a number of Standlee products online at their website. Valitics built Standlee their own custom headless Shopify setup so they could manage product particulars within Shopify, but without moving the website to Shopify or being negatively affected by the performance issues inherent within Shopify’s built-in tools.

Comprehensive digital services

Over the years, we have partnered with Standlee on countless campaigns, intitiaves, and extensions to their digital marketing efforts. Whether it is digital advertsing management and reporting, website functionality enhancements, or even launching a successful podcast, we are always here to help.

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Valitics is our exclusive digital marketing partner. For over 10 years they have helped us grow our digital presence in myriad of ways. Most recently we exceeded our yearly digital goal by over 90%.”

Jessica Wright

Director of Marketing, Standlee

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