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Nonprofits have enough challenges to face in pursuing their mission. Luckily though, for Jitasa’s clients, bookkeeping and accounting are not among those challenges.

Valitics has worked closely with Jitasa for over 15 years. Jitasa offers accounting services exclusively for nonprofits. Jitasa’s spirit of serving nonprofits who are doing good is admirable. It is something we keep in mind when we work with Jitasa on their website and digital marketing efforts.

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Continual refinement and measurement

Valitics and Jitasa are frequently testing and assessing all sorts of lead generation tactics and layouts to optimize site performance. For years now, the leads flowing through the website have kept Jitasa’s sales staff nice and busy, to the delight of all involved.

Streamlining the onboarding process

Getting the information from leads that an organization wants versus what a lead is willing to provide is a delicate balance. Over the years we have tested all sorts of lead generation flows, including creating a custom real-time quote generation tool for smaller nonprofits that gives the leads what they are looking for and gives our client the lead-related information they need, all automatically pushed into their CRM.

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A wealth of resources

Jitasa produces excellent content that helps nonprofits navigate the sometimes-confusing bookkeeping, accounting, and tax-related aspects of running a nonprofit. Valitics facilitates and enhances how this content is presented and digested with intuitive layouts, a custom blog, and specialized calculators within the resource sections of the website.

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The folks at Valitics have been our partners on all things web since the days when Jitasa was just me in a 150 square foot office. Since then, Valitics has created a lead generation system that sustains our sales efforts and has grown Jitasa to over 1,500+ clients. We could not have done it without Valitics!”

Jeff Russell

CEO, Jitasa

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